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The Children's Agenda

The Children’s Agenda (CA) is an advocacy group that seeks to increase the visibility of children’s issues in the public domain, with the aim of raising awareness and concern, and influencing key decision makers to prioritize child rights issues and violations in the country.r

The CA is a joint initiative compromised of several children’s organizations, including the Ministry of Community, Development, Gender and Children (MCDGC), and Baraza la Watoto (Junior Councils). Together, these actors seek to ensure that addressing children’s issues is placed at the heart of the national agenda and that political leader’s support and promote children’s rights.

In consultation with children, MCDGC and members of the Children’s Agenda, a list of Top Ten Investments was formulated, which forms the core CA strategy of calling for increased investment and resource allocation in the following areas:

  1. Investment to save lives of children and women
  2. Investment in good nutrition
  3. Investment in better hygiene, sanitation and water supply in schools and health facilities
  4. Investment in early childhood development
  5. Investment in quality education for all children
  6. Investment to make schools safe
  7. Investment to prevent HIV and AIDS in infants and adolescent girls
  8. Investment to reduce teenage pregnancy
  9. Investment to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation
  10. Investment in children with disabilities

In 2010, an illustration booklet describing the Top Ten Investments was published and shared, both with children across Tanzania, as well as other stakeholders, encouraging them to offer suggestions to help raise awareness about the Children’s Agenda. After which the responses were returned to the Children’s Agenda Secretariat for consolidation.
The booklet specifically asked the children to consider

(1)   How do the Top Ten Investments concern me?

(2)   What are the changes we managed to bring to our own areas (schools, communities, households, etc.)?

In the early 2013, Children’s Agenda members analyzed the children’s responses and facilitated a consultation meeting in Dar Es Salaam with the 20 selected children, including members of the Baraza la Watoto organization, to discuss the progress made towards the Top Ten Investments and included the necessary recommendations for addressing ongoing challenges. The consultation led to the production of the present published works of Why Invest in Children? Let’s Listen to Children’s Voices, which has the following objectives:

  1. To consolidate feedback from the children
  2. To evaluate progress made on Top Ten Investments from children’s perspective
  3. To come up with key recommendations to be presented to the President of Tanzania for advancing the Top Ten Investments
  4. To serve as a guide to the investments, and explain the impact that the inequities have on children for the decision makers (for example Members of Parliament and district councilors)
  5. To promote inter-generational dialogue and sharing of ideas & views between the right-holders (i.e. the children) and duty-bearers (i.e. the adults)

The Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) is a member of the Children’s Agenda, as well as leads one of the CA Task forces, the Child Participation Task Force

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